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Sébastien Roche is a French artist born in Lille.
His portraits have featured faceless people consistently since 2010. His primary goal is to trigger the onlooker's imagination.
He was inspired by the 1920s and, particularly, on the “mug shots” of an Australian Police Station. His focus is mainly on body language and the subject's overall posture. His “Sans Visages” (faceless) collection is now well-known all over Europe.

He works in various French and European galleries and he participates with success in many important contemporary art fairs.

Very recently Roche approached a new adventure focusing his creativity on abstract art like a new field of experimentation and freedom.

roche-donna seduta.jpeg



Sébastien Roche is a French artist, born in Lille in 1971. In 2005 he starts with his first exhibition and since 2012, he exhibits in France and other European Countries, mainly in contemporary art fairs and major galleries.
It is with his series «Sans Visages» (Without Face) that Roche reaches his popularity in the contemporary art scenario.
In the second new serie Roche he gets closer to the figurative, opening himself to the possibility of changing the themes he dealt with.
Roche exposes his artworks in every parts of Europe.
In Italy he is represented by Gall'Art Roma.

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