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Sébastien Roche is a French artist born in Lille.
His portraits have featured faceless people consistently since 2010. His primary goal is to trigger the onlooker's imagination.
He was inspired by the 1920s and, particularly, on the “mug shots” of an Australian Police Station. His focus is mainly on body language and the subject's overall posture. His “Sans Visages” (faceless) collection is now well-known all over Europe.

He works in various French and European galleries and he participates with success in many important contemporary art fairs.

Very recently Roche approached a new adventure focusing his creativity on abstract art like a new field of experimentation and freedom.

4 -The endless enigma 73 x 73 cms oil on


Fabio Hurtado is a Spanish painter and photographer born in Madrid in 1960.

He graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1988 he began to paint professionally. In 1996 the Academy of Modern Art in Rome awarded him the honor of Member of the Academy and, along with numerous other awards, Her Majesty the Queen Sofia of Spain presented him with a medal of honor at the BMW Painting Contest. In addition, a collection of stamps with six of his paintings with the subject "Women and Reading" was issued. His paintings are present in the permanent collections of The Ulster Museum, Belfast (Ireland) and the National Museum of Fine Arts., Valletta (Malta). The Financial Times Telecom magazine and a special edition of the La Vanguardia newspaper paid homage to the work of Fabio Hurtado on their cover. He often collaborates with non-profit organizations in Europe and Asia. In 2017 a retrospective exhibition was held at the Civic Gallery of Palazzo Rocca in Chiavari (Italy) and in 2018 at the Casa Polo Museum in Castellón (Spain).
In 2019 it is present at Grandart - Modern and Contemporary Art Fair in Milan. In 2020 the city of Madrid has chosen the latest works of Hurtado for the advertising of a cycle of classical music / world music in the "Teatros del Canal", which are considered the most important in the contemporary theater scenario

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