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Sébastien Roche is a French artist born in Lille.
His portraits have featured faceless people consistently since 2010. His primary goal is to trigger the onlooker's imagination.
He was inspired by the 1920s and, particularly, on the “mug shots” of an Australian Police Station. His focus is mainly on body language and the subject's overall posture. His “Sans Visages” (faceless) collection is now well-known all over Europe.

He works in various French and European galleries and he participates with success in many important contemporary art fairs.

Very recently Roche approached a new adventure focusing his creativity on abstract art like a new field of experimentation and freedom.

Sveta rumak-Fruit of desire-acrilico su


Massimo Barlettani was born in Volterra in 1956. In 1989 he founded the advertising agency B&A.

He has won numerous awards for creativity.

He has been involved in art publishing and, with the “Zeta Scorpii Editore”, he has created and published dozens of volumes. The continuous professional contact with international photographers and artists has led him to develop a very particular sensitivity. His artistic research has developed with a path that from abstract painting has evolved into a figurative redefinition of iconic elements in particular female figures and natural elements.

Since 2012 he has been developing research on the theme of life and its symbolic representation through rarefied floral images.

For some years he has been a collaborator of "Arte In" with a regular column entitled "the finger in the jam" where he expresses his opinion on the trends and contradictions of contemporary art. Massimo Barlettani's works are present in important public and private collections. Lives and works in Cerreto Guidi.

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